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Karl Klug may still have a place in the Tennessee Titans 3-4.

Why the former Iowa Hawkeye has a place on this defense.

Frederick Breedon

The Tennesee Titans currently have way too many defensive tackles on the roster. With Ray Horton's appreciation of diverse lineman that can play all over the field, it isn't wrong to think that most of them will slide from 5-tech to nose tackle, to 3-tech depending on the scheme. However, there is one player that always made plays under the last defensive coaching staff, that doesn't appear to have a solid spot on this roster: Karl Klug.

Snap-for-snap Klug has been one of the most productive pass rushers on the roster year in and year out. His ability to get in the backfield quickly and get offensive linemen out of position resulted in him having seven sacks his rookie year. However, in a scheme where historically the lineman are primarily there to cover up the linebackers, his penetrating skills may not fit.

I think the one saving grace for Klug is that the Titans have Jurrell Casey. What I mean by that is, since the Titans best defensive player is an penetrating defensive tackle it would make sense for Horton to build a 1-gaping defense around that rather than the traditional Pittsburgh 3-4. This would mean that Casey spends the majority of his time trying to push the pocket an get to the quarterback rather than eating up space.

This helps Klug because, if the Titans are going to have a competition for his backup, no one is more suited for the role of interior pass rusher than Klug.

If Horton goes the other direction though, we could easily see Klug hit the open market and that is not something you want to see with Chuck Pagano, Romeo Crennel and Gus Bradley all in the division with plenty of tape on him.