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Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade with the Buffalo Bills is a big deal for the Tennessee Titans.

A big statement made with a small trade.

Al Messerschmidt

Earlier this week the Tampa Bay Bucs traded Mike Williams to the Buffalo Bills for a 6th round pick. While on the surface this looks like an average "blah" player for a mediocre pick, it does a few things for both of the teams involved.

What the move did for Tampa

-The Bucs lose their fourth most productive wide receiver in this trade to the Bills. It suggests that they are looking to add quality at the wide receiver position in the 2014 NFL Draft meaning that they are likely focusing on doing so in the first round.

What the move did for Buffalo

-The Bills add size to the outside of their receiving group, and this likely takes them out of the running for a wide receiver early.

What this means for the Titans

-With Tampa fully engaged in drafting a receiver (most likely Mike Evans) that takes them out of the list of teams potentially going after Khalil Mack. Also, with Buffalo finished at receiver they could possibly look offensive tackle or a safety.

All of this means that pass rushers are getting pushed down the draft. If Khalil Mack can make it past number six with the Atlanta Falcons picking, then the Titans may have a very legitimate shot a grabbing the best 3-4 pass rusher in this draft.