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MCM Create A Caption!

Your weekend caption contest continues!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the start of your weekend, with another edition of the MCM Create A Caption!

For this week's picture, we are going beyond the borders on Nashville, with an intensely serious snap of NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell and Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll. Both men have plenty of detractors among NFL fans (who aren't from Seattle anyway), but both men probably get more stick than they deserve when all is said and done. This image was taken from the post-Super Bowl press conference.

Last week's comp was won by "TitansJonne" with 16+ recs. "BonzosMontreux" came in a very close second with 14+, so congrats to both guys on that one, especially for breaking the reign of "ShrapnelLeader" and "WelshTitan". It's good to have some new faces on the captionblock, even if they are longtime MCM stalwarts.

Remember to keep it clean and humorous as always. GIFs and images are welcome as per usual. Onto the captions!