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Tennessee Titans News Links: Beefing Up

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Justin Hunter has gained 15 pounds since last year, that is great news as he needed to bulk up. I'm hoping Justin makes great strides this year and becomes a game changer.

First impressions of minicamp, is that the tempo is fast. Very fast, but they are pros so they do their jobs.

Cover 2 takes a look at two athletic freaks in this year's draft, Sammy Watkins and Justin Gilbert. Gilbert to me is like Patrick Peterson in athleticism, but lacks some of the coverage ability Peterson had coming out. I don't really want the Titans to draft him. Sammy Watkins IMO is the best receiver in this draft, he's awesome, and my love for him is well documented on this site. Goodness he is great, but it would take a miracle to land him.

Jake Locker is still limited, but his Wolverine healing ability is something to behold.

Derrick Morgan is beginning a new life as a linebacker, Wimbley is returning to the position after a few year sabbatical from it.

PK has an indepth look at Dennard, a good player, but a player I hope we do not draft. At this point, I want us to draft one of three players, Teddy Bridgewater (we won't), Aaron Donald, or Ra'Shede Hageman.

Quote of the day: "Carr will drag this franchise into the deepest depths of fan hell.

It will result in the most painful ~3 years in franchise history, by a wide margin.

He is a special level of suck. One only rivaled by Blaine Gabbert. There is no fixing him.

The idea that you can fix a kid that’s been groomed since birth is shocking even among the most egotistical coaches. It’s not like Locker, for instance, who’s just learning the tricks of the trade.

You’re taking a groomed QB, who’s a nightmare under pressure, and think coaching can fix it? Yeah. Not happening." -SuperHorn


*****QUICK PSA****** As you all know, on Saturday and Sunday, the MtD Mock Draft will be hosted here on MCM. I am the Titans' GM and SouthTexasTitan is my assistant. There will be an open thread both days where I encourage you all to participate and voice your opinions on who we should pick. We will work as a sort of democracy where you all are having a voice, SouthTexasTitan and I will not be dictators, so again, 11:00 EDT on Saturday, the draft starts, be there in our open thread.