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Between The Posts: Making Predictions

Your nightly OT open thread!

Alex Livesey

Welcome to yet another off-season, off-topic open thread!

Other than hearing, yet again, that Chris Johnson's release is "only a matter of time" away, not much going on with the Titans today, other than continuing with pre-draft visit. Tennessee is looking at a lot of players, quarterbacks included. My prediction for who they take at 11 is already scheduled for a visit in Anthony Barr. The pick makes too much sense to ignore.

With the NFL Calendar is some slow times, much of my attention has been on the upcoming World Cup, and for most Englishmen, it's about casting bets now on how and when the national team will royally screw it all up, but that's half the fun, right? While we're at it, how's about leaving your pick for the winning nation in the comments: I'll start it off with voting for Germany, who have a ridiculously strong roster at this point.