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Mel Kiper non-mock draft NFL mock draft

Mel Kiper makes picks for every team instead of projecting them.

Andy Lyons

Mel Kiper has a new draft post up (In$ider).  He says that it is not a mock draft, but he made three rounds of picks for every team (only two for the Titans since they don't have a third round pick).  The reason this isn't a mock draft is because Mel is making the picks for the teams instead of projecting how he thinks they will pick (semantics).

Anyway, for the Titans he goes with Teddy Bridgewater at #11 and Carlos Hyde at #42.  I equally parts hate this and love this.  The Titans could be getting the best quarterback and running back in the draft if it plays out like this, but there are a lot of questions about Bridgewater at this point, and Hyde hit a woman while at Ohio State.  It would be hard to cheer for that guy.

Here is Kiper's analysis:

This is one I struggled with a little bit. One the one hand, I feel like the Titans are really just a QB away from competing for a playoff spot, and I have not been in the camp that says Jake Locker is the answer. I don't see it. I think he's simply too inconsistent with his accuracy even before the health issues. On the other hand, is a rookie the guy who can improve the team in the short term? I'm going to make the bet, because I think Bridgewater becomes a decent value at this spot, and he has the smarts, accuracy and anticipation to play early on. I always say not to draft a running back in Round 1, but at No. 42, getting the best back in the draft becomes a decent pick. Hyde can succeed behind an improved offensive line. I know cornerback is a need, but the first-round run really gutted the position by No. 42 overall, and the next CB taken isn't until No. 64. The value just isn't there.

How would you feel about this?