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Between The Posts: Stock Risers

Your nightly OT open thread!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Donald (a top 5 draft prospect for me) and Zach Martin have been climbing draft boards all offseason. Most recently, with the draft a scant 10 days away, they have reached their respective pinnacles. Apparently a team rates both guys as top 10 talent. While I think Martin is more in the 15-20 range at best, I can see what scouts and GM's like about both players.

The Seattle Seahawks just backed up the brinks truck to re-sign safety Earl Thomas, making him the league's highest paid player at the position, and rightly so.

Former Titans QB, Eagles "Dream Team" coordinator, etc, is scheduled to work out for Cleveland Brown. Guess he needs the Mondays.

For those of you who didn't see it, Chelsea FC blew the EPL title race wide open again with a 2-0 victory over league-leaders Liverpool. Any one of three clubs could view for the title with only a few games left to play.

The rest of the thread I leave up to you as usual. Have an awesome Monday night MCMers.