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Can Shawn Jefferson become the next Mike Munchak for the Tennessee Titans?

Jefferson showed a lot of promise in year one, is there more to come?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Forget (if you can) Mike Munchak's stint as a head coach for the Tennessee Titans, before that he was one of the best position coaches in the league. Munchak habitually made due with mid/late round draft picks propped up with a few decently high picks (second/third rounders).

The Munchak offensive lines were the keys to the Titans dominance in the running game for many years, this in turn shaped the mentality and philosophy of the offense over the years and it is one of the reasons why this team has been built to run. However, now that Munchak is gone and the Titans are Oiler free for the first time since their construction, it is time to think in another way.

Ken Whisenhunt has relied on the run game in the pass, but his ability to produce well rounded offenses that expose weaknesses is his greatest strengths. As such, there won't be as many games dedicated to running the ball 60% of the time or more like we have seen in the past.

With a new emphasis on balance, one position coach that could become the next Mike Munchak is wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson. Jefferson is most known for constantly being on talented rookie, Justin Hunter's back all the time. Jefferson consistently hounded him and sharpened up his skill set to become NFL ready. Hunter became more than just a one or two route receiver, and he should be a top target for Tennessee in years to come. However another thing he did was continue to develop Kendall Wright.

Wright had a good rookie year, but clearly took a step forward in 2013 and looked like one of the best slot receivers in the NFL. Now that he has a head coach that can put more emphasis on the passing game, Jefferson's products might be the featured elements of the offense.

Could Jefferson become to coach that gets a fifth rounder every other year and develops them into above average starters? Fans have seen what he has done with some talented top end products, now the question is, with the Titans discussing taking a receiver in this draft (likely later in the draft) can Jefferson coach up this player and develop him even if he isn't the most talented prospect?

He will likely get a chance to prove himself to be a great position coach, but from what he has done with Justin Hunter, Kendall Wright and Michael Preston, I would say that this team could be one receiver away from having a very deep and talented group on the outside.