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Depth in the draft, where the Tennessee Titans should look in the later rounds.

With limited picks, the Titans will have to rely on their late round choices to get quality players.

Christian Petersen

For a long time, the Tennessee Titans always looked smart on draft day because they never brought in top free agents and they loved collecting picks. With more picks, the Titans had more room for error. For example, for every Jamie Harper there was a Jurrell Casey, for every Rennie Curran there was an Alterraun Verner, for every Ryan Mouton there was a Jason McCourty. That depth gave the Titans a lot of leeway.

However, the Titans find themselves in the rare position of having only six picks in the draft, and while they will be a very attractive trade candidate, there is a real chance that they only end up drafting six players. If they do, there are a few positions that, no matter how tempting, the team should wait on drafting.

Running back is one of those positions. I know that Carlos Hyde may be attractive early in round two, but hold off and add a player like Storm Johnson in the sixth. Johnson can hit the hole and make people pay in a phone booth, and while he may not be able to burst away from defenders, Whisenhunt's game plan is more focused on taking what the defense gives you over and over. The Titans lived for big plays for too long with Chris Johnson, the fans need to see that Tennessee can produce a slow, steady offense that wins games.

Receiver is another huge position in round one. If Mike Evans falls to 11 the Titans will be getting some big time offers to move up for him, considering that the New York Giants will almost certainly take him at 12. The Titans desperately need those picks, and as I said earlier the trade chart dictates that they could end up landing the 30th pick (1st round), 56th pick (2nd round), 67th pick (3rd round), 100th (4th round). That could go a long way towards putting some great talent on this roster.

Finally, defensive line is the last place where I think you just can't draft a big name. Again, you can read more about the potential trade here and with the 49ers here but the summary is that the Giants are in position to take BPA and that will likely be Donald or Evans. So, the Titans are the perfect trade candidates for teams looking to grab both of those players. Donald is an elite talent, but he isn't a fit for the Titans scheme so he doesn't make a ton of sense. Grabbing a player like Daniel McCullers in the 6th/7th or Justin Ellis in the 4th both would make a lot of sense and wouldn't be nearly as expensive.