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Between The Posts: Snubbed

Your nightly OT open thread!

Joe Robbins

AJ McCarron, the ex-Alabama QB was scheduled to meet with he Titans today for a pre-draft visit. He then doesn't show up due to being sick...the Titans then don't reschedule the meeting. Looks like someone might have just lost an opportunity, and weirdly, I couldn't be happier about this particular one!

The NFL owners will be discussing the possible expansion of the playoffs at a meeting next month. I'd rather them leave it the way it is, honestly, but things are, as always, driven by money. More playoffs means more TV money.

Bucky Brooks has a 2013 draft re-do. The Titans are the only team other than the Lions who would have kept their pick the same, apparently. Chance Warmack was the guy, and I am confident he was a good, if only mildly satisfying pick.

The rest of the thread I leave up to you, as always. Have an awesome Thursday night!