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Between The Posts: Talking Schedules

Your nightly OT open thread!

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL schedule comes out tomorrow, which should be very interesting to see. My only hope, and it seems likely at this point, is that the run out of the gate will be easier than last season's death march. No matter what the schedule holds, I feel better knowing that the team is starting again with some solid coaching buildings blocks, and some entertaining-as-sin players to watch.

Eric Ebron is reported to be visiting the Titans. As a Tarheels fan, I wouldn't be disappointed with him on board.

Please football gods, for all that is holy, please do not allow this mock draft to become even close to reality...

The NFL's loudest mouth is looking to get paid, and why not?

My post yesterday on the EPL's own, United Manager, David Moyes was as a bell-toll for his firing. He was let go by the team only hours afterwards...It's never easy stepping into the shoes of any great coach, let alone probably the greatest to ever hold that title who had been doing so for an astonishing 27 years...

The rest of tonight's thread I leave open as usual.