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Between The Posts: Fall From Grace

Your nightly OT open thread!

Shaun Botterill

Not much going on in the NFL today beyond the options on Patrick Peterson and AJ Green's contracts being picked up, which was all very obvious. Also, Andy Dalton wants to be paid to be "the face of the Bengals", whatever that means.

The MCM community mock draft continued today, with some interesting selections to note. The Titans are up next, so all eyes on that pick tomorrow morning.

Sorry ManU fans, but I must say, how the mighty have fallen.

So you just gained another 4 million subscribers, awesome, congrats to you Netflix. So naturally, it only makes sense to now jack up your prices...I have all the faith in the world that this will improve the speed of which television shows (that are actually worth watching, that is) are made available for online streaming...or not.

Rant over. As always, take the thread where you will, and have an awesome Monday night. And rejoice, the NFL draft is only 17 days away!