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Tennessee Titans News Links: Speculation Abound

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!


During the coming weeks, we are sure to hear a lot of speculation on where draft prospects will land, potential trades,and so forth. Paul Kuharsky takes a look at what the Titans could land should they deal the 11th overall pick to the 49ers for their first rounder. He notes that while we'd get quite the haul, the 49ers would really have to love a prospect to move up that high.

The book on Jake Locker hasn't been written says Paul Kuharsky. It will be written this year. Until of course we draft AJ McCarron in the first round and he becomes the starter and we never win a game ever again.

Titans Online takes a look at two of my least favorite prospects in this coming draft, Taylor Lewan and Timmy Jernigan. I don't think either player is that good from a talent level, and then add in Lewan's off field concerns, and I'm positive I couldn't root for him if he was on our team.

Cover 2 then looks at two of my absolute favorite prospects, Jake Matthews, and Aaron Donald. Donald is a disruption machine, and Matthews is as safe as you can get in a LT. Both players are going to be good for a long time.

Next two prospects looked at are freakish athletes, both will probably be picked in the top 5. Clowney and Robinson.

Finally,Titans Online takes a gander at Ryan Shazier (whom I love. He's everything I wanted Alec Ogletree to be), and Chris Borland (who I also really like).

Shaun Phillips talks about the defensive plan coming together and forging an identity.

Quote of the Day: "Happiness is a direction, not a place." -Sydney J. Harris