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Underrated draft need for the Tennessee Titans

After having great consistency here, the Titans now have to look to the draft for the future of this position.

Stacy Revere

The Tennessee Titans have clear needs in the top four rounds (developmental right tackle, future quarterback, running back, and pass rusher all come to mind) however, one late round need may be the biggest current hole on the Titans roster. That's right, everyone's favorite topic: kickers.

In the past two seasons, nine Tennessee Titans games have been decided either in overtime or by a three point (or less) margin. Now the Titans were not always in position to score the game winning field goal, but the fact remains that a kicker that can consistently put up three points is an important person to have.

During the Titans most recent peak years, Rob Bironas was a machine, regularly punching in field goals from wherever he was asked. Now, the Titans have a huge hole to fill and there are only a limited number of guys this year that can really be an adequate replacement, and one name looms over the rest (as much as a kicker can).

Chris Boswell K, Rice

Boswell has great leg and has made 13 or 20 beyond the 50-yard mark in his career (career best kick is 56 yards), which is an impressive number. Another big plus on him is that he has averaged 64.2 yards as a kickoff man, which is rumored to be one of the reasons that Bironas was let go.

The one downside to Boswell is that he can be a little erratic and he misses some easy ones. However, with a focused NFL special teams coach, and the added pressure of real competition that is fixable.