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Tennessee Titans News Links: Thumbs Up

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Thumbs up to this suit
Thumbs up to this suit
Win McNamee

Tommy Smith is pleased thus far with the moves the Titans have been making. I am coming around to most of them. Still would like to see Fokou and Hill cut, but I guess they are good for competition.

Lou Spanos talks about how his linebackers need to be two dimensional. They can't just be pass rushers, or run stoppers. They need to be willing to do all of it. When asked where Derrick Morgan would play, he said, "on the field." Well said Lou, well said.

Nick Wagoner had three questions with Paul Kuharsky on the future of Kenny Britt as he joins the Rams. Again, best of luck to Kenny, he's a special talent.

Paul Kuharsky takes a look at the Titans' cap situation this year. Learned some things I definitely didn't know beforehand.

Quote of the Day: "Property is organized robbery" -George Bernard Shaw

Bonus Quote of the Day: "I love baseball"- Dynamic Dreadlocks