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Tennessee Titans may not be done looking at defensive tackle.

Recent Pro Day visits may indicate that the Titans aren't finished at DT.

Al Messerschmidt

Tennessee would seem fairly stacked at defensive tackle, but apparently the front office may not agree.

Jurrell Casey is obviously a stand out DT who might have hit a new level of play in 2013. Mike Martin is a powerful, young interior player that can eat up space or penetrate if given the opportunity. Al Woods has been brought in from Pittsburgh for his versatility and perceived upside. Karl Klug has always been a dominant speed rusher whenever given the chance, and there is no reason to think that would end this year with improved coaching. Sammie Lee Hill was brought in last year, and appears to have the right size and attributes to play on the DL somewhere, if he is healthy. Antonio Johnson was also brought back this year, and he was a serviceable starter who enjoyed the best year of his career last year in Tennessee.

For those that didn't want to read that massive block of text, that is six defensive tackles not including players like Ropati Pitoitua or Lavar Edwards that could play situational DT. However, after a visit to the Florida Gators Pro Day (or rather Dominique Easley's specific Pro Day) the Tennessee Titans have obviously not ruled out going back to the defensive tackle well.

Easley is a unique defensive tackle that has elite speed and burst off of the line of scrimmage that makes him an absolute nightmare for the opposing centers. If the Titans are going to add another defensive tackle, then Dominique Easley in the second round would be a great option and value. Also, it really helps that he has played defensive end in the past (2012) which is exactly what Ray Horton wants in a DL.