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Which athletic "freak" will the Tennessee Titans look at this year?

Which player fits that mold for the Titans this year.

Al Messerschmidt

For the past few years the Tennessee Titans have done one thing consistently: draft athletic freaks somewhere in their drafts. It wasn't always priority one, and they haven't been the Oakland Raiders, but they have loved getting athletic specimens on their roster.

In 2013 there was Justin Hunter. In 2012 the Titans took speedy linebacker Zach Brown. Before that in 2011 it Jake Locker and Tommie Campbell both making the roster. So with that pattern of behavior, it is safe to say that the Titans may look that way again. This year, I would put my money on A.C. Leonard TE, Tennessee State.

Leonard has already visited with the Titans, so they have now had two chances to see him up close.

The former Florida Gator (kicked off for a misdemeanor) has some serious potential and even started four games for the Gators in 2011. He was the fastest tight end to run the 40, tied for the longest broad jump, and he had the third highest vertical jump.

Additionally, his tape shows that he transfers that athletic ability on to the field and that he also has outstanding balance.

Now like most athletic freaks that aren't discussed in the first round, he has some issues. He is really not a good blocker, and probably isn't ever going to develop into an inline type tight end. That shouldn't bother the Titans who already have that guy in Delanie Walker.

He also looks very raw and will need time to adjust to the NFL (carries the ball way out to the side like Johnny Manziel). Again, that shouldn't be an issue considering that the Titans have Delanie Walker and Craig Stevens on the roster to fill the hole until he is ready.

The Titans could definitely look at Leonard in the fourth or fifth round and hope that he can be the facsimile of LaDarius Green for Tennessee next year.

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Look at Leonard in the 3rd quarter, makes some big plays. Nice, savvy endzone route for TD in the 4th too.