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MCM: Create a Caption

The weekend caption contest continues...

Bob Levey

The Caption contest is back after a one week hiatus, and this one goes out to "jerlindsey", who was beside himself last weekend without this thing.

This weeks picture comes courtesy of Nate Washington and Chris Johnson of the Titans, and Jared Crick of the Texans in what can only be described as an odd arrangement. I was combing through old pictures during the week and stumbled upon it, I thought it was certainly caption-worthy, and definitely a little more challenging than Ray and Ray the last time around; that's child's play for any Titans fan!

"TitansJonne" took home the crown last time around with 16+ recs to his credit, with "BonzosMontreux" right at his heels. We'll see who can garner the most recs this weekend.

So bring your best stuff to the fore and let's get started. As always, keep it clean. GIFs and pictures are welcome as well. Without further delay, onto the captioning....