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2014 NFL Draft: The Great Draftsby 4.0

The weekly position rankings are taking a break this week for big news for the site

Ruston, well in this case, robgreenlaw DGAF
Ruston, well in this case, robgreenlaw DGAF
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

In lieu of the weekly position rankings that we've taking a look at, I have a couple of news items that will impact the site greatly in the coming weeks and months.

First up, I will return as a weekend contributor soon after taking an extended leave of absence due to my busy schedule working in the corporate world and a part time student. My schedule will allow me to post more frequently on the weekends and I look forward to being more active, especially with the draft coming up.

The second piece of news, which I hinted at on the MCM Radio show, hosted by your very own August West and Danomite, is that we have secured the hosting rights for the annual Mocking the Draft 7 round Live Draft (with Dan Kadar and Jimmy's blessing, of course). Last year, Turf Show Times did an excellent job stepping up to the plate. Now it's time for us to show the entire SB Nation community the true spirit of the Music City Miracles site. In order to achieve to this, I need your help as various jobs will be open for volunteers. I will run the entire operation as overall Commissioner. I will continue the same rules that have held in the War Rooms. I look forward to giving the SB Nation world a view of the excellent work that MCM does and can do. As we get closer towards the draft, more details will be worked out. Please spread the word around to other SB Nation sites. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, email me at or tweet me at @DuckinNoles247

Thank you.


Commissioner/GM Emeritus - Noles

Assistant Commissioner - Open

Titans GM - robgreenlaw

Assistant GM - Open (up to robgreenlaw's discretion, I will have no say)

Timekeeper - Open

Trade Calculator - Open

Messengers (going around to other sites and spreading the word) - Everyone


Thursday April 24th - Thursday May 1 = "negotiation/tampering" period

Friday May 2nd - Rounds 1-3 7:30 EDT

Saturday May 3rd - Rounds 4-7 NOON EDT

Rules (draft wide):

1. The first round will be timed at 5 minutes, Rounds 2-4 at 3 minutes, and Rounds 5-7 at 2 minutes

2. All trades (pre draft tampering period) must be approved by me and the trade calculator. All trades during and after each round must pass the 200 point minimum as calculated by the trade person. Time limits will be strictly enforced and if the limit is passed, I will go off the big board emailed to me by the team representative prior to the draft or in the case that a board isn't sent to me, a vote will be held by other teams. 2014 and 2015 draft picks can be used. Remember that 2015 picks will be half of the value of the 2014 picks.

3. The subject line during the draft will be for pick, trade, and time announcements only.

4. As rule 2 states, there will be a week long "negotiation" period starting from April 24th to May 1st. After that, time limits matter.

5. Have Fun!

Rules (MCM War Room only):

1. The Titans GM, robgreenlaw, is, well, the law. Whatever he says, it must be done. Even though I am Commissioner, I have limited authority in the War Room. That authority basically extends to being a voting member with certain privileges as GM Emeritus (such as entertaining offers but in concert with the GM and Assistant GM). I cannot unilaterally decide on an offer should they come in. Only the GM can have final say.

2. Since we are hosting and there will be many eyes on the site, it is my recommendation that we set up the Room elsewhere, If anybody has any suggestions for an alternate site, I'd love to hear them.

3. In the event of a tied vote, the GM will be the final tiebreaker, no questions asked.

4. If both the GM and Assistant GM are not present, I will step in as acting GM but with the same rules.

5. The GM has my authority to shut the War Room down and act alone if there is any hint of controversy, conflicts, and rule breaking acts.