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Between The Posts: Moving On

Your nightly OT open thread!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Not much going on in Titans land today.

CJ claims reports of his knee arthritis were erroneous. Time to stop reporting on him now that he's a dirty Jet. I have to admit though, it's going to be odd seeing him in that ugly green uni.

An interesting article on the brain function and makeup of artists vs non-artists that I found interesting.

In more somber news, a large ferry in South Korea sunk the other day with a boatload of high-school students aboard. Over 250 are still missing, so keep the affected families in your thoughts. Questions are already abound with the evacuation procedure, after the ship captain apparently told crew and passengers to remain where they were immediately after the incident.

On a lighter note, you can thank Mr. Greenlaw for this.

The rest of the thread is, as always, open for the MCM public. Take it where you will, and have an awesome Thursday night.