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Tennessee Titans News Links: Times They Are A Changin

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Roos talks about how completely different this new offense is in terms of terminology and passing attack. Sounds like there is a lot to learn for everyone.

Tommy Smith says Bud had no promise with the league commissioner to back him no matter what.

Paul Kuharsky says there is one Jevon Kearse type impact player/miracle situation in this draft to take them to the next level and that guy is Khalil Mack. However, as he says, it would take a near miracle to land him. I would disagree. I think Bridgewater (Pratt, I can hear your groans from St. Louis), and Khalil Mack and Clowney are three players that could definitely take this team to the next level and make them a playoff and maybe even a contender for the Super Bowl, even if it's unlikely that those players drop to us.

MeJ is now with the Jets, on a two year deal, making in total on that deal what he would have made in a year with us. Good luck running behind that O Line, CJ.

At 31 years young, Roos is working to master the new offense and the new terms that come with it.

I really want to know how CJ reacts to the media pressure in NY after his YPR averages are terrible. In Nashville he got off easy and looked to blame his offensive teammates. That's not going to work in NY where every move he makes will be scrutinized.

TitansOnline, Cover 2 takes us to ASJ and CJ Mosley. I'd love to nab ASJ in the 2nd round, as I think his game is probably the best all around game of any TE in this draft and would give defenses fits in the red zone. Mosley I want to stay away from, with all his injuries, as well as I do not think he's that great of a player anyway.

Quote of the Day: "We may brave human laws, but we cannot resist natural ones." -Jules Verne