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Guess the Tennessee Titans Schedule

The NFL schedule gets released soon. Can you guess the Titans?

Joe Robbins

The NFL hasn't released the schedule yet, but is expected to in the coming weeks. In the afterglow of everyone attempting to pick a perfect NCAA Basketball bracket for a billion dollars, the St. Louis Rams have decided to offer up $100,000 to anyone that can correctly guess the teams 2014 schedule. The added level of difificulty is not just picking the opponent and home/away per week, but rather time slot and day of the week needs to be correct as well.

This same daunting task is being replicated by the Bills as well, with the winner receiving lifelong season tickets, and a consolation prize of 2014 season tickets to whoever gets the most correct.

Since I've been in hiding for the last couple of months I figured why not break back into the blogosphere with a fun and relatively mindless bit. So if the Titans aren't going to jump on board, I'll do it for them.

So let's hear it in the comments. Can you pick the Titans schedule correctly. If anyone get's it right, I just might have to take you to a game as a reward. You can leave out the the actual day of the week and time slot if you want for simplicity's sake.

Here's mine:

Week 1) Steelers at Home. 12:00 Sunday

Week 2) At the Chiefs. 12:00 Sunday

Week 3) At the Bengals 12:00 Sunday

Week 4) Jaguars at home. 12:00 Sunday

Week 5) Jets at home. Thursday Night Football

Week 6) At the Texans. 12:00 Sunday

Week 7) Browns at home. 12:00 Sunday

Week 8) At the Redskins. 12:00 Sunday

Week 9) Bye

Week 10) At the Eagles. 12:00 Sunday

Week 11) Cowboys at home. Monday Night Football

Week 12) At the Colts. 12:00 Sunday

Week 13) Texans at home. 12:00 Sunday

Week 14) At the Ravens. 12:00 Sunday

Week 15) At the Jaguars 12:00 Sunday

Week 16) Giants at home. 12:00 Sunday

Week 17) Colts at home. 12:00 Sunday