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MCM Radio: Fare Thee Well, CJ. We Knew Yee Too Well.

Live tonight at 9:00 CDT!

Wesley Hitt

After nearly two years of speculation, anticipation and non-domination Chris Johnson is no longer a Titan. He signed with the Jets today, marking the clear end of a definitive era for the Titans. Tonight at 9:00 Dano and I will put a button on what CJ meant to Titans fans, then we'll move on...

Because we have fer real Titans in town! Our boys in two-toned blue began the offseason program today out at STSP, and we're dying to talk about it. On top of all of that, the draft is getting closer and closer, so we'll be discussing the latest developments and rumors on that as well.

We'll be taking your calls, so be sure to listen in live by clicking here before 9:00 CDT. If you can't make the live show, be sure to get the whole episode - including bonus time you can't get during the live feed - by getting subscribing to the podcast via Stitcher and iTunes. All we ask is that you give us a good review because it helps other Titans fans find the show!