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Between The Posts: Behind Closed Doors

Your nightly OT open thread!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Former Titan Chris Johnson visited with the Jets today, prompting wildly irrational Super Bowl aspirations from a club led by Geno Smith...but I digress.

After apparently being open to trading him, the Fins have done a public relations 180 on Dion Jordan.

In groundbreaking QB news, Matt Flynn has returned to the Packers. Not a bad vacation he took to be honest, getting paid many millions to do...that's right, absolutely nothing. Maybe I should train hard to ball out in one game against an terrible NFL defense so I can garner multiple contracts with guaranteed money...Anyways...

Bucky Brooks new Mock draft has the Titans going with Justin Gilbert. I do not see this happening even slightly.

Also our community mock kicked off today with a dud, but we're picking up steam after Welsh picked up Sammy Watkins with the 2nd overall pick. This should get interesting.

The rest of the nightly thread I leave open to you fine folks, as usual.