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Tennessee Titans News Links: Sure Thing?

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharsky wonders how close to a sure thing Eric Ebron is. Also an interesting stat relating to TE's impact in the league their first 3 years, and the implications on TT's future.

Gil Brandt comes out with his top 50 prospects list and Johnny Manziel is 1st overall. I respect Gil and the work he does, but c'mon man, Teddy is his third QB, and behind the likes of Bortles, Barr, Lewan and Ebron to name a few.

Bucky Brooks has a list of players he thinks could be taken on day 1 as surprise players. Personally, I have 1st round grades on half the guys on this list so it would be more a surprise to me if they made it to day 2. He also lists AJ McCarron as a possible 1st rounder. Lame.

A veteran of the US Army will give the NFL one last shot this year as he tries out in the super regional combine in Detroit. Allejandro Villanueva is a 6'9 Tight End that is hoping to catch his big break in the NFL.

Quote of Day: "Man lives by imagination." -Havelock Ellis