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Between The Posts: Case Of The Mondays

Your nightly OT open thread!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Another case of the Mondays today, and none of us are making enough Mondays anyway.

We are ramping up to the draft at this point, with the mock drafts and prospect reports rolling in by the minute. Even MCM is getting into the action with draft breakdowns (which you should always check out BTW), and a Community Mock Draft. It's at this point in the NFL calendar that you have to simply trust your eyes and your tape evaluation skills, since every other media reports by the always anonymous "NFL Exec" is a posturing move or a smokescreen. This in and of itself is why I still think Bridgewater is going No. 1 overall.

While I'd much rather draft a WR this year due to the awesome level of depth, it's surprising to me that these three don't have homes yet. While they aren't elite players by any stretch, they have proven production.

In other news, I guess every team has at least ONE crazy columnist.

Oh, and CJ still hasn't signed. Not enough Mondays for running backs anymore.