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Tennessee Titans News Links: Two A Days

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Titans Online will look at 2 prospects each day leading up to the draft in Daniel Jeremiah's top 50. Khalil Mack and Eric Ebron are covered first. I'd be elated with Mack if he dropped to us, but that is a pipe dream.

Carlos Hyde, running back from Ohio State University and Bishop Sankey of Washington University are next on the list. I think Hyde is the perfect back for us personally. He can be a 3 down guy and does it all. His pass blocking is a little suspect, but that can be coached (Him and Mason are my favorites in this draft class). Hyde also laughs at first contact and that is something we can all enjoy as he has a little Eddie Lacey/ Zac Stacy to him.

Paul Kuharksy's chat contained all sorts of topics, from Mike Evans, to the explosivity of our current offense, to CJ Mosley and Anthony Barr.

Finally, the Titans are using the extra offseason time they have to get up to speed.

Quote of the Day: "The future will be better tomorrow" -Dan Quayle