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Is Teddy Bridgewater a fit for the Tennessee Titans?

Should the Titans stop the free-falling Louisville QB?

Streeter Lecka

The Tennessee Titans have two big areas of needs right now, and those are a premier pass rusher and a durable, winning quarterback. Unless Khalil Mack falls to 11, it is hard to see the Titans really getting great value at the first one, but they may have a great shot at the second need.

Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is free-falling in NFL mock drafts, and really for no good reason. There have been rumors of bad private meetings, but other than that teams are balking at his hand size and his frame, neither of which really caused him many issues during his college career.

Sure Bridgewater was dinged up from time to time, but during his college career he played in 39 games, 37 of which he started. This is the time of year that teams tend to over analyze what they already know, and a player who was top-three based off of his game tape is now falling down the draft for minor issues.


-He can run a movement-based offense in year one if that is what the Titans want to do (to help Jake Locker)

-He is smart about taking hits and when to slide, while he isn't really a runner he is sneaky-fast similar to Aaron Rodgers.

-Very good arm in terms of being able to fit it into tight windows on intermediate routes.

-Great touch on passes all over the field.

-Instinctive QB that seems to see the whole field at all times.

-He will likely have a year to sit and develop (or at least until Jake Locker gets hurt, if he gets hurt).

-Benefits from having an offensive guru like Ken Whisenhunt developing the playbook.

-Fits the ideology of the offense (take what the defense gives you) perfectly.


-Doesn't have elite arm-strength.

-Size and injury history could be a slight issue.

-Didn't play against elite talent.

When you add it all up, Bridgewater may not be an elite prospect for everyone, but for a Titans team that values ball security and taking what the defense gives you on long methodical drives, he would be a great fit.