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Should the Tennessee Titans take a look at James Harrison?

Why the former Steeler my be a great fit for Ray Horton.

Andy Lyons

The Tennessee Titans have been very active talking to former Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers.

-They almost brought in Lamarr Woodley before the Oakland Raiders made a strong play for him.

-They have been linked to Larry Foote, the Steelers interior linebacker.

-They brought in Al Woods in the early days of free agency.

-They also visited with O'brien Schofield, former Cardinals DE/OLB.

So it isn't a stretch to think that James Harrison would be a late-phase target for the new Titans brass.


While many believe that Harrison is in decline, that just isn't true. Last year, PFF rated him as the 9th best OLB, and the 4th best run-defending OLB despite playing only 383 snaps. The Titans would have almost no financial commitment to him, and it would give them even more flexibility in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Also, he adds another veteran presence to a defense that just lost a great playmaker, and his intensity hasn't diminished with his old age.


He is 35 years old, and while he would be a great asset in the running game he would have to be kept on a snap count. However, with limited financial commitment and several OLBs ready to start ahead of him leaving him with limited snaps anyway, that shouldn't be an issue.