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Tennessee Titans News Links: Grams' Favorite

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Joe Robbins

I'm going to start with's mock drafts. There is a mix of Anthony Barr, Justin Gilbert, and Teddy Bridgewater in the results for the Titans. I would be less than pleased with Gilbert, meh with Barr and elated with Teddy.

Based on the previous response and previous knowledge you can probably guess how I felt about Todd McShay giving us Teddy in his mock draft. Paul thinks Gilbert and Lewan might be more likely at that spot if they were available, to which I disagree. Also, food for thought, PK and other Titans' reporters, all think that Whiz likes Locker too much to go with Teddy or another QB, but JBaker brought up a good, yet obvious point on twitter. Would Whiz really do anything to make anyone think Jake wasn't his QB next year? I mean he's not going to burn bridges unless his guy drops to him at 11 and he gets to pull the trigger.

The Eagles tried to trade for Dion Jordan, but it seems like the Dolphins are interested in keeping him now.

In the 2010 draft do over we get Navarro Bowman. Now I like Morgan as much as anyone else, but Bowman would be awesome on this team.

Jake Locker joins Stand for Freedom, a group in which their mission is to end slavery around the world.

Quote of the Day: "Knowledge is love and light and vision." -Helen Keller