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Tennessee Titans News Links: Saying So Long

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Tim Shaw has decided to hang up the cleats after a year of being out of football. Shaw was, of course our ST Captain for a while, and a great guy in general.

Jim Wyatt tries to analyze our special teams unit. It should be good. We all saw last year how much we improved with a real returner after Rey-NOOOOOO. The big question mark is at Kicker, where we have a Bironas shaped hole on the depth chart.

Paul Kuharsky says the Titans lost interest in Britt as his career went on in Tennessee.

Speaking of Britt, the Rams signed Kenny to a 1 year, 1.4 million dollar deal. I wish Britt the best, as he's a good guy and still one of my favorite Titans' memories is when he singlehandedly destroyed the Eagles.

The ESPN trade proposal that we should trade Roos for Ryan Matthews is preposterous and Paul Kuharsky agrees.

Paul Kuharksy now looks at the myth of BPA for the Titans. I agree, however, they have made it so BPA is more attainable, and the Titans will be more flexible this year.

Quote of the Day: "Love is based on imagination." -Oliver Martinez