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NFL Free Agency: Tennessee Titans should sign Adam Vinatieri

The Titans need to change kickers, and a top-three player is about to hit the market.

Al Bello

Free agency is tough to figure out because there are so many variables in the equation. Will the player fit the scheme? Is the player too old? Is he worth the money? Well, there is one position that transcends those questions: kicker.

The Tennessee Titans have been lucky enough to have a very good kicker for nine years, but unfortunately they may want to start looking for a new player. Based purely on their performance as field goal kickers, Bironas was ranked 23 out of 33 potential candidates. That is definitely an issue for the kicker paid sixth highest (annually) in the league.

One potential upgrade is mentioned here by Adam Schefter:

Titans fans should be familiar with the accurate leg of Adam Vinatieri, a kicker who gained notoriety for winning three Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and one more with the Indianapolis Colts.

While Vinatieri isn't on the right side of 30 (or 40) he is still an excellent kicker. Out of that list of 33 that Bironas was listed in earlier, the Colt kicker was ranked third overall.

While the need at kicker isn't glaring, upgrading Bironas would be a great asset to this team especially considering how much they are paying him. While it will be hard to see the longtime Titan (who was most of the offense in the early Vince Young era) go, the NFL is a business. Given his age and the potential market for kickers, Bironas would likely land on his feet and both parties could walk away with no hard feelings.