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NFL Free Agency Rumors: All quiet for the Tennessee Titans

While most teams are already being linked to free agents and players, the Titans rumors are almost nonexistent.

Patrick Smith

While no one really expected the Titans to be linked with any high-profile free agents (Aqib Talib, Jarius Byrd, Michael Johnson, Michael Bennett) it is surprising that no one has linked them to anyone, well one person.

Arthur Jones, and upstart defensive lineman for the Ravens is reportedly drawing interest from the New York Giants as well as the Titans. There are also reports that he is in heavy demand, which means he likely won't be cheap and whichever team signs him will have him for a long time.

Jones is a long, defensive lineman that carries his weight well and despite playing minimal snaps in Baltimore in 2013, he looks like a player with a ton of upside. It is clear to see why teams want him, regardless of scheme.

While all was quiet on the Titans front on Saturday, I expect the Titans to be active in free agency even if they want until the "second wave" to get better value. Right tackle, running back, defensive line, and interior linebacker all need to be addressed and with limited draft picks and (potentially) a lot of money available in 2015 the Titans could make some back-loaded deals and get more talent on this roster quickly.