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Tennessee Titans potential free agent target Red Bryant signs with Jacksonville Jaguars

An intriguing defensive lineman goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars instead of the Tennessee Titans.


Former Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Red Bryant packed his bags and signed a four year, $17 million deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars Saturday.

This shouldn't be a big blow to Titans fans, considering that Bryant never visited the Tennessee Titans (or any other team to my immediate knowledge) and the connections are there between he and Gus Bradley. Bryant is a massive space eater in the middle of a defense that can penetrate and help anchor against inside run plays, so the Titans will have to account for that now.

There are some benefits to this whole thing though. Bryant is near 30 and for as good (not great) as he is the running game, he lacked the ability to get to the passer. It seems that the Titans will be going after penetrating defensive tackles instead of the traditional 3-4 Terrance Cody/Casey Hampton-type NT.

The Titans already signed a key run stopper this past week when they brought back Ropati Pitoitua, and the are probably going to wait and let most of these free agents test the waters, except possibly Karlos Dansby and Arthur Jones.