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NFL Free Agency: Insight on what the Tennessee Titans might do

Jim Wyatt and others make comments about players the Tennessee Titans may or may not be interested in during free agency.

Bob Levey

Brace yourself for tweets, here they come. These are the thoughts, predominantly Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, about what the Titans might do in free agency.

There a few key takeaways from this early barrage of tweets:

1. The Titans do not expect Alterraun Verner back, unless the market is substantially less than what Verner was imagining.

2. Tennessee is looking to add more beef in the middle rather than edge rushers.

3. Even though they won't start strong, the Titans expect to spend a good amount this year.

4. Karlos Dansby is one of the top targets, and the Titans may overpay to get him.

5. Antonio Smith (a penetrating NT) is a potential candidate for the Titans, which further shows that the Titans are deviating from the "Pittsburgh 3-4"

I will try to stay on this as best as possible, so while this story won't update, keep checking the page for tampering news.