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NFL Free Agents that the Tennessee Titans should be tampering with today.

Which players should make an early pass after?

Jason Miller

With legal tampering beginning today, NFL teams and players will start having conversations about exactly what contracts can get done on Tuesday and beyond. For example, today Alterraun Verner will probably be feeling out potential markets and figuring out which organizations to visit. On the other hand players like Antonio Johnson may be checking to see if there is even a market for his services outside of Tennessee.

The Titans should have their hands full if they are really committed on signing most of their own, but there are a few players that they should absolutely make sure know they are interested.

Karlos Dansby ILB, Arizona

Probably haven't heard this name before right? Honestly the fit is so good that Titans fans should have their twitter alerts set for his name. While Dansby isn't going to get a long contract, he is going to get a good one from some team given how he just keeps getting better with age. Both Ray Horton and Ken Whisenhunt have ties with Dansby and will undoubtedly be making calls trying to get him on a plane to Tennessee.

Brandon Spikes ILB, New England

From what I gather there are no serious talks from New England to bring Spikes back, and I'm not sure he want to come back if they did make him an offer. The Titans need inside linebackers and he is the perfect counter to Karlos Dansby. Besides I just can't get over how aggressive the defense would be under Ray Horton with two physical presences (Spikes and Bernard Pollard) on the field.

Arthur Jones DE, Baltimore

Jones has shown a ton of potential, and he is poised to be a big name down the road. At 6'3" 305 lb. Jones is a prototypical 3-4 hybrid DE with the ability to move around to DT in a 4-3, and if the Titans can get him he could be a staple of the new defense.