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NFL Free Agency: Explosive options for the Tennessee Titans

Some players that could add a spark to the Tennessee Titans.

Jonathan Daniel

The Tennessee Titans have their fair amount of needs on both sides of the ball, but what doesn't get talked about nearly enough is just how bland the Tennessee offense was in 2013. Without Chris Johnson making his explosive plays, and without Jake Locker scrambling and saving the Tennessee offense (something he doesn't get nearly enough credit for) the Titans were mostly a methodical, offense that needed 10+ plays to score.

On defense, the Titans lacked an explosive pass rusher (though you could argue Jurrell Casey fits this bill) and aside from Alterraun Verner, no one really consistently forced turnovers. On special teams, Leon Washington made a spark, but the Titans haven't re-signed either he or Marc Mariani and free agency is only three days away.

So what can the Titans do to add that spark?

Offense: Darren Sproles

I wrote here weeks ago that Sproles was likely to be released and that the Titans should take a look at him, and nothing has changed. Sproles is a shifty RB/WR/KR that can be an offensive weapons if used correctly, and Ken Whisenhunt already showed that he knows how to use that type of player with Danny Woodhead in San Diego.

Sproles could easily slip in as a 3rd/4th running back, that can also come in and move around on the offense to create mismatches. A play where Kendall Wright and Darren Sproles are involved in a double screen based on coverage would be tough to stop and would get the Titans another big play opportunity.

Defense: Brandon Browner

Though the Titans would have to limp through the beginning of the season without him (four game suspension) it would be a great addition for Tennessee. Browner is a 6'4" corner that can press or play off, and he was a great #2 opposite Richard Sherman in Seattle. Browner has 10 career interceptions, and he can be very disruptive when he is on the field. Imagine what the tandem of Browner and Jason McCourty could do for Ray Horton.

Special Teams: Devin Hester

While Hester isn't the speed demon that he once was, he is still a threat in the return game and every time he touches the ball both sides hold their breath. He is a big play waiting to happen, while his tactics get him in to trouble some times, its worth it when he takes one to the house.