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Between the Posts: Front Office Blunders

Your nightly OT open thread!

Otto Greule Jr

So we have a few interesting nuggets to discuss tonight, namely the Colts signing D'Qwell Jackson to a silly $22 million dollar ($11m guaranteed) contract. Now I may have been an advocate of adding Jackson to the Titans roster to some degree, but he is not even close to worth that dollar amount at this point. The Colts FO makes another poorly thought-out move in what is becoming a (hilarious) pattern.

The Titans should definitely be interested in Seattle Seahawks pass rusher Michael Bennett, who said today that he would test the market. I was a big supporter of bringing him in last year before he signed a one year "prove it" deal with Seattle. There are a few other names of note that the Titans should discuss, but a lot can happen between now and March 11th to change the NFL environment for free agency.

Also, David Carr spoke about making a comeback...yeah.