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Keith Bulluck calls Chris Johnson a "me person" as an athlete

Keith Bulluck was dropping CJ bombs on The Midday 180 today (or saying things that I have been saying for three years).

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p>.<a href="">@kbull53</a> on <a href="">@Midday180</a> regarding <a href="">@ChrisJohnson28</a>: &quot;He&#39;s a friend of mine but as an athlete he&#39;s always been a &#39;me&#39; person.&quot; <a href=";src=hash">#Titans</a></p>&mdash; Paul Kuharsky (@PaulKuharskyNFL) <a href="">March 6, 2014</a></blockquote>

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That is Paul Kuharsky tweeting something that Keith Bulluck said on The Midday 180 this afternoon.  I am sure this post will spark an argument, but it is really glad to hear someone from inside the locker room say something that has been obvious to most of us for a really long time.

And Keith Bulluck also said that he and CJ are friends, as you can see in the tweet above.  It is really nice to see a former player actually being honest about another player.