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Between the Posts: Fall From Grace

Your nightly OT Open Thread!

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

With free agency looming large on the horizon of NFL calendars, more and more significant news will be breaking. The Titans still have plenty of work to do to fix in-house issues as far as player personnel, but is off on the right foot by locking up Bernard Pollard and even Jackie Battle the other day.

There are several major areas to address in Free Agency for Ruston Webster and co., to allow them to walk into the 2014 NFL Draft with open minds.

In other news, former Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan is set to be released by the St. Louis the mighty have fallen. In another cornerback story, Aquib Talib spoke about being worthy of a "top level" contract from the Patriots. My thoughts? He doesn't get close to the money he's asking for, and he most certainly won't get it from the Pats.

Beyond that the thread is all your to take where you will!