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MCM Radio: Talking Titans, Free Agency and The Blame Game

Live tonight at 9:00 CST!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

MCM Radio returns tonight at 9:00 CST with a ton of Titans business to attend to, like: Pollard signing with the Titans then finally taking a dump on Munchak, the latest news on the Verner and CJ fronts, who the Titans should/will target in free agency and so much more!

We'll also bring back the Two-Toned Topics segment, where Danomite and I will discuss the best Titans free agency signing of the past decade.

As if that wasn't enough, we'll also be taking calls! So get your list of free agency thoughts, hopes, dreams and hallucinations together and be ready to dial.

You can get the live stream, live chat and call in number by clicking here. If you can't make the live show, be sure to catch the podcast version (which is also the only way to get bonus time content) via iTunes or Stitcher!