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Between the Posts: Titanic Need?

Your nightly OT Open Thread!

Andy Lyons

NFL has an article out today with the AFC South needs, listing the Titans biggest need as Running Back. While I think there are other needs that trump RB, I can't argue with the line of thinking with CJ likely leaving town.

That got me thinking, what do you rank as the Titans biggest need this offseason? My biggest need was met when Ken Whisenhunt and Ray Horton were brought into town, but as far as personnel, I would go with MLB/OLB, or even Right Tackle.

Things seem to be picking up on the news front now that Free Agency is on the doorstep. Notable players have avoided the tag, such as TJ Ward of the Browns, Jairus Byrd of the Bills, Vontae Davis of the Colts, Lamarr Houston of the Raiders, and Eugene Monroe of the Ravens. The Titans have a lot to do when Free Agency opens, and it all starts with finalizing their in-house contracts for the 2014 season.

Also this....don't mess with this snake.