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Tennessee Titans News Links: Tone Setter

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Bernard Pollard was re-signed for a couple years as the Titans hopes he continues to be a tone setter on defense. Hopefully he sets the tone for ATV being re-signed.

Speaking of Free Agent signings, the Titans are waiting on ILB D'Qwell Jackson to decide where he will go after visiting the Titans, Broncos, and Dolphins.

I think 2 years is the right amount of years for Pollard to be re-signed. It allows him to play and hopefully groom the future of the franchise at SS in the coming years.

For those who don't like negativity, don't read Jim Wyatt's article, saying ATV's big payday probably won't come with the Titans.

PFF looks at which players for the Titans were undervalued contract wise, and who was overvalued. They need to cut the bottom three players (CJ, Wimbley, and Stewart).

PK says it was smart to lock up Pollard for a few years.

Combine Review takes us to the position of QB.

Hey Bernard, go get more INTs against Luck.

Quote of the Day: "Success is dependent on effort"- Sophocles