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State of the Titans Position Groups: Kicker/Punter

The finale of the series!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Thus we arrived at the conclusion of the State of the Titans Position Groups series (All of them can be found below for reference). We finish off with the Kicker/Punter group.

Rob Bironas

(2.4 million in 2014)

Bironas signed a 2 year deal following a subpar 2012, but was resurgent in 2013 with an improved 86%, good on 25 of 29 field goal attempts. The strong-legged kicker's only misses came at 40+ yards. Bironas has spent his entire 8 year NFL career in Tennessee, but he is well-compensated for a kicker. Another good year in 2014 could see him sign a longer term deal with the team, after it was obvious they were slightly hesitant to do so after a down year in 2012.

Brett Kern

($937k in 2014)

Kern has been fantastic. His 40 yard average in 2013 won't wow anyone, but his ball placement was at an all time high, and he was very consistent in pinning opponents deep. At this point, Kern looks like a sub-elite punter in the NFL. With 2014 being the last year of his deal, the Titans should look to lock him up long term. While the league is all about offense at this juncture, the battle for field position cannot be understated. The Titans learned that the hard way with the pitiful return game last season, so all the more important to make sure it doesn't repeat itself in 2014 and beyond.

Looking Forward

The Tennessee Titans have a few big needs to address this offseason, but the specialist group of Kickers and Punters is not one of them. Let's hope Bironas and Kern can continue their effectiveness in the seasons to come.

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