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Between The Posts: Weak Class?

Your nightly OT open thread!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Not a lot going on in the NFL today, and even less so with regards to the Tennessee Titans. There was a decent review of the team's Free Agency thus far up on the site that;s worth a look.

Being a minor Tarheel fan (in-law assimilation), I have to count this as an odd report. While I don't think this year's crop of Tight Ends is all that, I think Ebron is much better than he gets credit for here. The guy makes him sound like Jared Cook 2.0, and I think he's so much more than that, not that I think the Titans should take him at 11 if he's there...

Also, since everyone seems cool with talking Baseball, I would just want to throw out there that we are looking at a tight finish in the EPL (English Premier League soccer), with Liverpool, Manchester City, and my Chelsea boys hanging around at the top.