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Tennessee Titans Chris Johnson to draw a small free agent market

Why CJ2K should have taken a pay cut.

Joe Robbins

At some point early in the offseason, the Tennessee Titans may have considered using Chris Johnson under Whisenhunt. He isn't one of Whiz's prototypical running backs, but given his durability and past production he could have been kept on. However, after not budging on his statement that he wasn't willing to take a pay cut, the market for Johnson may be small to nonexistent.

One of the teams rumored to be most interested in the former 2,000 yard rusher were the Atlanta Falcons. Last year the Falcons tried to add a veteran running back in Steven Jackson, but the 2013 campaign obviously was nowhere near what they were expecting. Now, it seems that even the Falcons won't touch C.J>

The market for running backs has been terrible thus far with backs like Legarrette Blount and Knowshon Moreno getting minimal contracts. If Chris Johnson doesn't lower his asking price, then he may end up getting the veteran minimum as just another camp body.