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Tennessee Titans team building: Character over production

Are the Titans building their team the right way?


The Tennessee Titans have said that they want to build a locker room that is filled with character rather than characters. This feels like a mandate coming from the top down, because the Titans almost didn't part ways with Mike Munchak in large part due to the character that he has. However, while this is a great idea in theory is it the best way to build a team?

There is a lot to be said about a locker room without any blatant character issues. For example, teams like the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers have been a model of winning and keeping a clean nose. You also don't have to deal with the constant worry of one of your players being involved in a bar fight (a la Kenny Britt and Vince Young).

On the other hand, teams like the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, the T.O. Philadelphia Eagles, and especially the old Oakland Raiders made it a habit of adding talent wherever they could find it. You can say a lot about those teams, but for the most part they won games. Is that the secret to building a winning roster? Add talent no matter how you have to and then let the league sort it out?

There is no clear answer which way is right and which way isn't because there have been winners on both sides, but with the Titans ruling out the pursuit of Desean Jackson, you have to imagine that they are going to try to build this team through high character individuals.