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Tennessee Titans News Links: Please Please Please

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Patrick Smith

Brian Orakpo might not get tagged. If he doesn't, the Titans should go all in on him. He is the dynamic pass rusher we've craved, and would take our defense to the next level. looks at the top offensive tackles in the FA market. Should the Titans go this route to fill their need at RT, there are plenty of options.'s NFL Combine Recap is on TE's. An interesting name that could be added to this group is VT's QB Logan Thomas.

Jason McCourty is doing his best to recruit Bernard Pollard and ATV to stay. An offseason in which we kept Bernard, ATV, and RoPo and signed Orakpo would be a crazy good success.

John Glennon looks at pending free agents from other teams and their connections with the Titans new coaches.

Seriously you all, Sammy Watkins is the truth. Here is his combine profile.

Quote of the Day: "You can roll manure in powdered sugar, but it still ain't a jelly doughnut."-Louis Nix III (if the Titans draft him, we will have two of the most quotable d linemen in football, with him and Casey)