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Tennessee Titans: What now?

Where to the Titans go from here?

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

With the Tennessee Titans signing of Shaun Phillips, the question now is where do the Titans go now?

The Titans have fulfilled their needs of adding a right tackle, running back depth, defensive line depth, and a new hybrid pass rusher. With those holes patched, the Titans now can focus on adding the best available players to the roster in the NFL Draft.

My theory on what comes next:

The Titans should focus on drafting the best available (non offensive line) position in this draft. Thanks to Gregg Williams, the new coaching staff should already have a good feel on where these players can excel given how dramatically they increased their performance in just one offseason. Not only that, but Ray Horton did a lot more with a lot less when he reshaped a terrible Cleveland Browns defense into a top-10 unit. With the blueprint and a solid foundation,  Horton should be able to create a very good defense in Tennessee without first round talent.

As for the offensive line, with a first round pick invested in Chance Warmack and the monetary investments in Andy Levitre, Michael Roos and Michael Oher the Titans best choice is to draft someone later and develop him rather than reach in round one this year.

If Teddy Bridgewater is available at 11 the Titans should jump all over him, he is the perfect fit for Whisenhunt's offense and he would instantly turn the Titans into a playoff team in my mind. However, if he isn't there then adding a player like Mike Evans or Eric Ebron (Sammy Watkins won't be there) would be a great way to help Jake Locker in his final year with the Titans. Ebron is a physical mismatch that would be hard for aging linebackers in the division to cover, and Mike Evans has a massive catch radius and is used to working with a quarterback that will try to extend plays with his legs.