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2014 NFL Draft: The NolesBag 1.0

#NOLESDRAFT14 is back in business

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It certainly has been an interesting offseason, not only for the Titans but league wide, particularly the arms race between the Broncos and Patriots. With free agency done for the most part, it's time to shift gears to the draft. This year, I'll be rolling out a weekly feature called the NolesBag, where I give my thoughts on the draft class position by position and answer some burning questions that MCM users have out there. This week, we will take a look at the Quarterback class that is not without some controversy on who is the top 3. Without further ado, here are my rankings!

1. Teddy Bridgewater Louisville

- Despite an uneven offseason process, Bridgewater remains as the top signal caller on my board. He doesn't possess any elite skills but is good to great in a number of categories. The arm strength nor the athleticism is the greatest but he gets by with intelligence, footwork, poise, and just enough arm talent. Even with his new weight gain, I still have my doubts as to how he will hold up during the rigors of the long NFL season. There is zero chance that he will still be there when the 11th pick is on the clock.

2. Blake Bortles UCF

- Bortles is fast rising up the boards into top pick potential. He had an outstanding year leading the Golden Knights to a BCS Bowl berth. Not exactly an athletic specimen but has enough foot speed to get work done in and out of the pocket. Bortles probably has the most arm talent of any QB in this year's class.

3. Johnny Manziel Texas A&M

- The ever controversial Johnny Football is once again a lightning rod, this time among pro scouts. He has size questions like a Michael Vick before him. He vastly improved his pocket awareness and throwing from the pocket in 2013. You get the video game scrambling ability but how long is that going to last in the NFL where everyone is just as fast as you? JFF has had some monstrous games (thanks to Mike Evans channeling Jerry Rice and Randy Moss a bunch) and slow ones. The most boom or bust talent in the class.

4. Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois

- If not for Bortles, this guy would be the hottest name this year. He blew up the offseason draft circuit, starting in the Shrine Game. Garoppolo has a live arm and the ball just explodes out of his hand to its intended target. He needs coaching on the under center game as the system he was in featured a lot of the spread concepts. I know it's only one week of practice but his Senior Bowl showing soothed the concerns about a weak schedule. I would take him in the second round and be happy with the decision even if he doesn't exactly fit the Whisenhunt QB profile.

5. Zach Mettenberger LSU

- Mettenberger fits as a classic Whisenhunt quarterback in the sense that he's tall and has a rocket arm. He improved a lot under the guidance of LSU OC Cam Cameron, becoming more disciplined and aware in the pocket. Before Cameron's arrival, he was similar to Phillip Rivers in that you just didn't know what to expect on any given throw. His game has calmed down considerably. The injury concern with the ACL is a big red flag when he's already slow of foot. If he somehow falls to the fourth round, I'd sprint up to the podium and push the assistant commissioner out of the way to announce the pick myself.